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Article posted: Feb 27, 2010 by Flt Lt Waplington

Four members of the South and East midlands wing SNCO team have spent a week at RAF COLLEGE CRANWELL on the ACO’S SSIC course which ran from the 24th January 2010 to 29th January 2010.
The week started on the Sunday evening when we all gathered to meet WO Mitchell in the Sgt’s mess for a briefing which covered the mess rules and what was going to happen over the coming days.
The course started early Monday morning with introductory talks by the course members that had come from all over the country and two members from Ghana, rounding off with the directing team.
The course covered subjects like Instructional Techniques, Drill Theory, Drill Practical, The RAF/ATC Organization and various other subjects, it was a compact and well organized week.
On the Friday morning there was an exam which every member passed.

The members for the South and East midlands wing were Sgt (ATC) Blacknell 504 (West Nottingham) Sqn, Sgt (ATC) Hart 2418 Sqn, Sgt (ATC) Kitchingman 2418 Sqn and Sgt (ATC) Chisholm 858 Sqn
Sgt (ATC) Blacknell said “It was a great course where I learned things that will be a benefit to me and the cadets at my sqn, and I met people from other sqn’s from as far away as Scotland and right down to Devon and even two from Ghana.”