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40 Miles Nijmegen Training

Article posted: Apr 12, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Over the weekend of the 19-20th of March South and East Midlands team set of on their first weekend march, the first day we walked 25 miles and on the second day we did 15 miles. This was a good and hard challenge for each member of the team but we soldiered through it helping each other on the way, we sung a few songs and kept our spirits high. As we progressed through the weekend the scenery was beautiful and having the different views like this really boosted our morality and kept us going until we reached the break points. At half way we stopped at a little village which had accommodations for us, these included: a chippy, bar and a tea room. When we got back to the squadron we were staying the night we were all feeling pretty good about the situation and were ready to settle in for the night apart from myself (FS Yates) who had to leave that evening for the Squadron Dining in night. However as the sun rose for the second day for all those remaining cadets got ready to set off for the second half of their Journey. Today they had to walk 15 miles which was a struggle but they still came up on top and got through the weekend smiling and still wanting to continue towards Nijmegen.

Flt Sgt O Yates 1101 Kettering Sqn