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400 Declared

Article posted: Sep 13, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Pass

After ten years as an Instructor on the South & East Midlands Wing’s Civilian Instructors (CIs) Induction Course, Flight Lieutenant Allan Munns has decided to step down to give a chance to those younger waiting in the sidelines.

During those ten years, Allan instructed on three courses a year with an average of 12 candidates per course so Allan has helped in the induction around 400 Civilian Instructors.

“I have taken great delight in doing these courses and nothing pleases me more than seeing past candidates taking up uniform service, some of them now are even running their own squadrons” said Allan; “The CI Induction Course is probably one of the most important courses. The Corps needs CI’s and their initial induction has to give them the tools and the enthusiasm to go back to their squadrons and be of benefit to the cadets and their Commanding Officers.”

The weekend course is pre requisite for CIs and has to be completed within twelve months of appointment. The course gives information on the RAF and most of the function and procedures within the Air cadet Organisation that may be of use to CIs during their “careers”. Instructional techniques are also covered and all candidates have the opportunity to give a practical demonstration of their presentation skills.

Squadron Leader Andy Pass on accepting Allan’s decision to stand down said;“After all the year’s Allan has been assisting me and my predecessors, he has certainly done his bit for the Wing with regards to Adult training. I and the rest of the team will certainly miss the good humour and banter we have enjoyed with Allan over the years.”

This decision follows Allan’s decision earlier this year to stand down from command of 1360 (Stapleford & Sandiacre) Squadron. Allan first joined “1360” as cadet in 1961 leaving in 1969 to serve in the RAF for 25 years. Before leaving the RAF, Allan rejoined “1360” as a Service Helper then became a CI. In 1996 Allan went back into uniform as a Warrant Officer then was Commissioned in 1999, taking over as Officer Commanding at the same time. All this experience made Allan an ideal person for inducting CIs.

Allan will be continuing in his Wing Staff role as Wing Media & Communications Officer and as an instructor on the Central & East Region Media Courses.