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504 Civilian Instructors Invade Cottesmore

Article posted: Jul 20, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On the 3rd of July a group of 16 adult instructors descended on RAF Cottesmore for their initial course to join the Air Training Corps.

The day began on a bright Saturday morning with the group meeting in the crew room before assembling for the first briefing. After the initial safety briefings we were ready and raring to go.
We commenced the course with well crafted presentations and lessons covering subjects from Health and Safety to the Structure of the Air Training Corps. The instructors were fun and informative and managed to keep us engaged and interested through a lengthy day. Too soon however the sun was setting and the day was over.

After an evening of comradeship and laughter the next day began bright and early. The subject being instructional technique and lesson preparation. This was followed by the group splitting off into pairs and giving a lesson to the rest of the group. These ranged from the recovery position to the correct procedure for using a car jack. However, faster than it seemed the weekend was over and we all left with new friends and a refreshed and improved knowledge of the Corps and our place within it.

By CI A Booth
504 (West Nottingham) Squadron MCO