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504 Sqn go Onwards and upwards

Article posted: Jul 28, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Tuesday the 20th July 2010 heralded a day for 504 (West Nottingham) Squadron that all squadrons view with apprehension, the Annual Wing Inspection.

The cadets showed up with their shirts ironed and their shoes shining, confident of their ability to impress. As the hour approached the cadets formed up awaiting the arrival of Wing Commander Dickinson. As he entered, the cadets were brought to attention and the inspection began.

The Wing Commander chatted amiably with the cadets setting their minds at ease and prying from their young minds their individual reasons for joining and experiences they have had.

After the initial inspection the Wing Commander and Flight Lieutenant MacAndrew closeted themselves away to discuss the development of the squadron and it’s successes. While these deliberations were in progress the cadets took part in leadership exercises and navigation lessons while the junior cadets spoke with the padre regarding the promise they were soon to make.

Before too long the evening was drawing to a close and all the initial nerves had evaporated into the night. The Squadron formed up for final parade and the Wing Commander came out to congratulate the Squadron on the progress it was making, leaving cadets and staff alike prepared to face the coming year and the challenges it would present.

By CI A Booth
504 (West Nottingham) Squadron MCO