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Article posted: Apr 05, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Saturday 24th March, cadets from 504 (West Nottingham) Squadron and 1936 (Newton) Squadron joined to complete the navigational experience needed to be able to do their bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. So they went on a walk!

The walk covered a distance of 10km, going from St Mary’s Church in Arnold, up to Calverton, then back to the starting point. All the cadets got the chance to take lead and use the compass and map to find out which direction to go. This is a skill that is required throughout the various Duke of Edinburgh awards.

“Long, challenging and painful but very rewarding” said Cdt Dooley.
Afterwards, everyone was very tired and quite hungry despite large food stores at the start of the walk but proud of themselves for not giving up.
Cdt Yorke said “It was challenging but very fun and it has made me look forward to my actual Duke of Edinburgh expedition”. His enthusiasm is shared by the rest of the cadets, who are full of excitement and slight anticipation regarding the actual expedition.

If any 13 to 17 year olds are interested in taking up the challenge of the Air cadets, please contact the squadron on a Tuesday or Thursday evening between 7pm and 9pm or visit the ACO Website,

Sgt (ATC) Mark Blacknell
Squadron MCO