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5F Annual Squadron Awards & Presentation evening

Article posted: Dec 28, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Mayoh-Smith

On Monday 17th December, 5F held their annual awards evening. Each year, the achievements of cadets and staff alike are celebrated in front of families and friends. This year was no exception with in excess of 175 people attending.

Invited guests and dignitaries included ACO personnel and people from organisations that the Squadron work closely with each year such as: the Principal Director of Music for the ACO, WgC G. Singleton; Central & East Regional BTEC Officer, WgC S. Mills and Central & East Regional First Aid Officer, Sqn Ldr Pattenden; Mr Alan Eaton (MBE) and his wife, Jane, (Hollowell Heavy Horse & Steam Rally) and Mr & Mrs David Heath (Little Houghton Proms in the Park)

The evening started with a display by the Squadron Band, followed by a flurry of awards, certificates and trophies presented by the distinguished guests.
Alan Eaton MBE, presented the Master Cadet certificates, the Annual camp trophy, Sporting and Swimming trophies, the Participation Cup and the Cup for Determination.

Wg C Mills presented both Aviation and Public Services BTECs, Aircraft Recognition trophy, Bronze & Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards and Adventure Training award. RAF Regiment Gunner & Combat Medic, Matt Daly (ex cadet of 5F) presented the Shooting trophy, Youth First Aid certificates, Activity First Aid certificates and the Squadron First Aid trophy.

Wg C Singleton presented Musician Badges, BTECs in Music, Most Improved Musician and Inter flight competition for the year, Trophy for Aviation achievement, Best New Cadet trophy and Cadet of the Year Shield.

Following a short interval for a buffet and refreshments the second half got underway with a very special gift from the Squadron to CI Derek King Flt Lt VR(T) (Retired) to commemorate his retirement after 52 years service to the ACO.