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5F at Little Houghton Park Proms

Article posted: Oct 11, 2012 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

5F (Northampton)Sqn at Little Houghton Proms in the Park

On the evening of Saturday 15th September 2012, Staff and cadets from 5F were busy helping the organisers with the car parking and directing proms goers. It was a glorious evening and the hosts of the event were an ex-Tornado pilot and his wife.
Proms-goers were given a helping hand with all their picnic equipment into the field, where the Northampton Concert Band was set-up for the evening.

There was food available – hot dogs and jacket potatoes, tea and coffee, but most people had brought their own food, snacks and alcohol.
As the classical picnic was in full swing the world renowned, Northamptonshire based, Blades Aerobatic display team did a flyby with their white smoke turned on much to the delight of the Cadets, staff and proms-goers alike.

A donation bucket was taken around by the cadets to raise money for the RAFA Wings Appeal in return for Union flags to wave.
All who attended thoroughly enjoyed the evening, which came to an end with flag waving, patriotic songs, which were accompanied to a brilliant firework display.

Cadet Nathan Murby
5F(Northampton) Sqn