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5f First Aid - cadets Perspective

Article posted: Oct 11, 2012 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

Competitions – the 5F way from Cadet team perspective!!

On Saturday 6th October 2012, 5F entered 2 teams into the ATC National First Aid competition – a cadet team and a young adult team. The cadet team of 4 consisted of; Cdt Sgt Barford, Cdt Sgt Sargeant, Cdt Cpl Kennedy and Cdt Kennedy. Both Sgt’s are experienced competitors and this was their third year competing at national level, whereas the Cpl has two, and for Cdt Kennedy, this was his first competitive year for 5F.

It was an early start for both teams as we had to get to Beckingham Ranges for 08:30 (or in our case 08:45 due to road closures!) to get our briefing for the day. Once this had happened, we travelled to RAF Cranwell where the competition would be held. We were put into isolation as a team and the nerves started to kick in until we were called up to compete. On the bus to HQ Air cadets, our CO gave us a pep talk and psyched us up to do the best we could.

The cadet team went first and started with an individual scenario each; one was Anaphylactic shock, and the other was an unconscious casualty who had stopped breathing due to electrocution – therefore requiring CPR. Once the individuals were completed we were put into a Team Test in which we had a casualty who was suffering with low blood sugar as a result of her Diabetes, and another casualty who was suffering from head neck and spine trauma along with a cut hand after falling from a height.

Initially we weren’t too happy with our performance as we knew we could have done better, but we felt as though we had a good chance. We waited for our other team to finish their scenarios and found out that they had done well which boosted our morale.

After this we went on a small trip and found a nice café where both teams relaxed and didn’t worry about first aid until we were back at Beckingham when the nerves kicked in again. We got changed into our Wedgewood blues and marched to final parade, where all 5 regions (10 teams) were crammed into a small room for the awards. At first Sgt Barford was called up as he and 5 others were awarded with the best individual score of 39 out of 40. Once this was called the young adult team was next where we all waited nervously to hear the results, these were called and we were ecstatic when we found out that they had won. Then it was the cadet, after the third and second were mentioned we didn’t think we had done enough to win, however when they called Central and East region, our hearts stopped when we realised that we had a chance, 5F was called and all we heard was our CO and CI Upton cheer and we all were ecstatic as we marched to the front to collect our award. We were shocked, relieved and happy all at once as we never would have thought that would’ve happened. From this point we all couldn’t stop smiling however we were all extremely tired.
At the end of the day, I think it’s fair to say that 5F wiped the floor that day.

Cdt Sgts Barford & Sargeant
5F(Northampton) Sqn