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5f First Aid - Young Adult Team Perspective

Article posted: Oct 11, 2012 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

Competitions – the 5F way from Young Adult team perspective!!

After a long bus journey and a not so great sleep we arrived at Beckingham DTE where we were to be briefed upon the schedule for the day, we then headed over to RAF Cranwell where the competition was being held and were to sit in holding until it was our turn to compete. This wasn’t the first time I had done this so the waiting wasn’t as painful but my nerves were still high, I had competed as a part of the cadet team for the previous two years.

Cpl Phillips (Rhys) and I had been talking each other through everything first aid related that had come to mind trying to prepare ourselves for what was to come and finally it was time for us to make our way to where the scenarios had been set up. We were competing as a region this year which meant we had to wait for the two best qualifying cadet teams from our region to compete first. We would be the last to go in and had a long wait outside which didn’t help either of our nervous bowels!!
When we were at long last invited in we were ushered into a side room where we found out we would be doing our individual tests first, this consists of a four minute scenario which we would have to deal with on our own. I had a casualty who was suffering an anaphylactic shook, which I had to assist in the administering of her medication, whilst Rhys had a casualty who had suffered an electric shook from hair straighteners and had subsequently died.

Once we had finished the individuals we were reunited to take on the team test but had a couple of minutes overlap to recompose and prepare for what was to come. We then got called into the scenario and we were faced with two casualties which was great considering there were only two of us to deal with it! I went straight for the most serious whilst Rhys took the bystander and second casualty who we would later discover suffered from diabetes. My casualty had fallen off a table whilst changing a bulb and I had suspected to have suffered a head, neck, spine injury.
Whilst I treated my casualty Rhys rang for an ambulance, once we had both casualties treated we performed our secondary surveys and pulses until we were told we had run out of time. We left the scenario with our heads held high feeling pretty confident about our performance. We then had the long agonising wait until the results.

It was 7:30pm when we finally found out the results, first they announced the best individual results and one of our Cadets (Cdt F/Sgt Barford) won as our Squadron who were also representing the region had come first with a huge 39 points out of 40, this started the ball rolling, next up was the Young Adult results and they called out all of the results so by the time the had read out second we knew we had one and it took all our self control to hold back the excitement and the final results were that of the cadet team test and it was more great news our cadet team had also won rounding off the best day we had had at a national competition ever.
This was probably the proudest day of my cadet career as although the Squadron has been competing at National levels since 2008, Rhys and I are the first to win the Young Adult team competition for our Squadron.

Cdt F/Sgt Blake
5F (Northampton) Sqn