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858 Rushden Sqn says farewell Cadet Flight Sergent McKay

Article posted: Dec 02, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Last week 858 (Rushden) Squadron said farewell to Cadet Flight Sergeant Charlotte Mckay as she has recently reached the fair old age of 20 years old.

Charlotte Mckay spent 5 years with Rushden Squadron. Throughout her career she has accomplished a lot.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Mckay has represented Wing at swimming, hockey and netball which enabled her to gain a Wing Blue Triple. Charlotte also attended a summer camp each year (even when she got a job at the local Waitrose). Charlotte was also one of the lucky few to go on annual camp to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. As well as this Charlotte went to the Corps competition for Solo Bugle TWICE! To name the rest of Charlotte’s achievements she completed the Cosford March, both BTECs in Aviation Studies and Public Services, both Junior and Senior Wing NCO courses, part of a winning Drill team and band fanfare. Charlotte has also never missed a Squadron Dinner or Parade.

Charlotte was a role model for all the cadets at Rushden and she will be greatly missed. However, Charlotte may make a return as a member of staff in the future