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858 Rushden Sqn Training for Emergencies

Article posted: Nov 02, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Cadets from 858 (Rushden) Squadron have spent the weekend learning life saving skills as part of their St. Johns’ Ambulance Youth First Aid Award (YFA)

12 cadets who joined the squadron in March this year have been training all weekend in ready to take the assessment to gain their YFA badge.

The cadets have covered a wide range of subjects and have learnt how to deal with bleeding, broken bones, chest pains and CPR amongst many more.
Now the cadets have completed their training all that is left is the assessment phase to put in to practice all that they have learnt. During the assessment the cadets will come across 3 sections and they will have to deal with the situation that they find.

The Youth First Aid award is just one of the milestones that the new cadets have reached since March. They have been working hard over the past 7 months to gain their First Class badges as well as passing their Weapons Handling Tests and being able to take part in marksmanship shooting on the squadron’s 25 metre indoor range.

Once the cadets pass their assessments they will be awarded with their red first aid badge that they will wear with pride on their brassards.

Cadet Harry Thomas said “I have learnt so much over the weekend and I look forward to completing my assessment, I am a bit nervous but this will give me the confidence to cope in an emergency and help people when they are in need.”

Rushden Squadron recruit teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 if you are interested feel free to attend the squadron during a parade evening on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7.00p.m till 9.30p.m at the Drill hall on Victoria Road in Rushden. For more information please call (01933) 411383 (Mon & Wed Evenings) or email