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A good result for 2071!

Article posted: Mar 19, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Pass

We arrived at RAF Wittering on Sunday 9th February, for the annual South & East Midlands Wing Cross Country Races, and it was freezing!

I like going to Wing sports events as it’s a good place to catch up with friends I have made at the camps and courses I have attended.

As the team captain it was my job to organise the team and make sure everyone was entered into the right race. There were five different classes; Boys, Youths, Junior Men, Girls and Junior Women. Although we didn’t quite have a full team we did have cadets in every category.

I lead the team for a warm up and soon after the Boys team headed to the start line to begin their race. The races were all spaced out so I had to keep track of the cadets and make sure they were ready for their races as well as cheering on the ones that were already out on the course!

I encouraged all the cadets to keep moving and keep warm before the start of their race finally it was my turn with the Squadrons’ Junior Mens’ Team. The whistle went and we started running. It was fairly easy until I got to the runway when the wind hit me! My eyes were watering and it was hard to breathe but my determination took me to the finish line where I managed to get into the top ten in my class!

Despite the cold weather the day was enjoyed by all and in the overall results the Squadron team finished 14th out of 29 our best result yet!

By Cpl Tom McDermott
2071 Sqn