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Activity First Aid Award for 504 sqn

Article posted: Mar 10, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Three staff members from 504 (West Nottingham) Sqn spent the last weekend of February at 2070 Glenfield Sqn taken part in the wings, St John’s Activity First Aid Course. The course run by Sqn Ldr RAFVR (T) Adrian Utting and Sqn Ldr RAFVR (T) Sarah Mayo-Smith covered CPR, Unconscious Casualty and a conscious Casualty.

The course started at 0800 on Saturday 24th February 2012, with a short introduction by the course members and safety brief, and then it was straight into the lessons. The lessons covered all aspects of first aid from CPR, ALLERGIC REACTIONS, BROKEN BONES and much more. After lunch we started practicing the practical aspects of First Aid, this included CPR, Bandaging wounds looking for the signs of shock.

Sunday Started at 0900 with more of the theory side of the course before moving onto practicing for our assement in the afternoon. The assessment consisted of three parts, the first was CPR, where we had to perform CPR and answer questions on the correct procedures, the second was putting an unconscious casualty in the recovery position and answering questions. The third was a scenario where a conscious casualty had an injury that needed treating in the correct manner, again also answering question on the correct procedures.

Flt Lt RAFVR (T) Martin Vernon, Sgt (ATC) Mark Blacknell and Sgt (ATC) James Lee who all passed said “It was an intensive course which we all enjoyed and learned a lot from. We would like to thank the staff involved in the running of this course.”

Sgt M Blacknell
Squadron MCO