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Adam Soars to Gold

Article posted: Mar 07, 2009 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Flight Sergeant Adam Fraczek from 126 (City of Derby) Squadron has earned his Gold Wings by flying a glider solo following a one week intensive training course at RAF Syerston.

This is an amazing achievement for Flt Sgt Fraczek, age 17. He is the first cadet in the history of 126 Squadron to gain his Gold Wings during his 1 week course. Normally, cadets need to return to the gliding school after their course to clock up enough hours to gain Gold.

Flight Sergeant Fraczek spent only 5 days at the gliding school where he was given one to one instruction in the 2-seat Viking glider. Flt Sgt Fraczek was trained by Flt Lt House. Flt Sgt Fraczek not only gained enough experience to take the glider and fly solo, but he continued flying to gain enough hours to achieve gold standard.

Flt Sgt Fraczek said, “The gliding course is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It was great to be able to fly the glider solo. Once I had achieved my Blue Wings, I pushed myself to get as many launches as possible. I was really proud to get my Gold Wings.”

Squadron Leader Marshall. Officer Commanding, 126 Sqn said, “This is a fantastic achievement for the F/Sgt Fraczek. It shows the skill and maturity of the young people who train hard to be able to fly a glider solo, sometimes before they can even drive a car. I am sure Flt Sgt Fraczek’s gliding experience will stay with him for the rest of his life.”

Flying Officer Jackie Barker
126 Sqn