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Adult Training Weekend

Article posted: Oct 10, 2007 by Sqn Ldr Pass

The South & East Midlands Wing Adult Training Team held another successful weekend of training for adults (the third this year) at RAF Cottesmore on 6-7 October 2007.

Two courses are held on these training weekends, a Civilian Instructor Induction Course and a Pre Uniform Course designed to help those wishing to enter uniformed service either as a VR(T) Officer or an Adult SNCO.

Both courses are intense as a lot of information is passed in a short time. However, the feedback is generally that the courses are enjoyed and fulfil the particular needs of the candidates.

Covering introductions to the Air Training Corps and the Royal Air Force, the CI Induction Course seeks to fill knowledge gaps for those with no previous experience either with the Corps or wider service. Instructional Techniques are considered an essential part of the course and each candidate gives a ten minute presentation to the Directing Staff and the other members of the course.

The CI Course candidates

The Pre Uniform Course builds on the knowledge prospective uniformed service candidates should have. As well as providing information, the course also sets out to test the candidates problem solving abilities by presenting them with scenarios of positions they could find themselves in at their squadrons.

The PU Course candidates

Those wishing to become Adult SNCO’s sit a board on the Sunday, and if they satisfy the board members, walk away with their new status. Out of the five that took the board, four were successful and one was deferred.

Candidates for Commissioning take part in a Mock Board where they will be informed of any further training required. The four who sat the Mock Board were all recommended for a Wing Board later this year or early next year.

The two courses are designed and run with the intention of ensuring the quality of the Wing’s Adult staff is sufficient to meet the high expectation of the Wing.

The excellent training facilities of 504 (County of Nottingham) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, were used by kind permission of the Officer Commanding.

The Adult Training Team from L to R:- AWO Rob Phillips, Flt Lt Lynda Waplington, Wg Cdr Nigel Dickinson (OC Wing), Sqn Ldr Andy Pass (OIC Adult Training), ASgt Sam Vincent, AWO Guy Slack, Flt Lt Allan Munns.