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Air Cadets complete a two day expedition across Nottingham

Article posted: Oct 18, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Recently 2418 (Sherwood) Squadron had five of its cadets go on their two day Duke of Edinburgh expedition in order to receive the bronze award. This was the second of two walks needed in order to pass the course and was successfully completed by all team members despite the struggles which were presented during the expedition.

The expedition started with the group meeting in a local car park in Arnold, once the team had arrived we had a quick briefing from the team leader and set off with the aim to walk 15km’s to the camp site where they would spend the night to complete a further days walk of 12km’s.

During the two day strenuous expedition the cadets had to navigate through a variety of surroundings and areas; ranging from rural countryside to busy villages. This allowed the cadets to develop and perfect their navigation skills.

Whilst walking the cadets are expected to use their training in map reading, first aid, personal admin and team work.

The second day of our expedition kicked off with an early start waking up at 6:00am to cook our breakfast, after spending 40 minutes cooking, eating and cleaning away our mess we then started to pack away our tents. Once packed and we were ready to go we had a final group discussion about the day where each leg was set a primary and secondary navigator along with someone checking the bearing and a time keeper keeping us on track.

When walking we had to keep a specific look out for the impact walkers have on the countryside, in specific we found that the main affect walkers had was disturbing the wildlife’s local habitat; for example trampling on mole hills, standing on frogs and scaring animals away from their homes.

Cpl Radford
2418 (Sherwood) Sqn