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Air Cadets Hit Target

Article posted: Jan 31, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Cadets from 1101 Kettering Air Training Corps took part in a Service Rifle Target shooting day and gained three of the top Marksmanship awards on the day. The cadets regularly take part in Service Rifle Target shooting training days to help them develop the skills required to safely train with Service Rifles.
The three awards gained by Rhys Stanton from the Kettering squadron and Cadet Loy from the Corby squadron were Corps Marksmans. The cadets must undertake four firing practices each which test the cadets’ ability to fire the Rifle under time constraints. It takes skill and ability to complete all the practises. To score points in each practice, a cadet’s firing must be within two inches of the centre of the target, “not as easy as it sounds, especially when it’s cold, windy and wet”.
Cadets from Kettering Air Training Corps have regularly taken part in national shooting competitions held at the Bisley Ranges near London. Training days are held at Royal Air Force Wittering and other local air stations and help develop the skill set required for such competitions.
These cadets will now be offered the opportunity to take part in Long Range Shooting training days with a view to taking part in the Inter Cadet Shooting Competition at Bisley this year.
Flt Lt G Slack