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Air Cadets Sporting Victory

Article posted: Mar 02, 2015 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Cadets of the renowned Swadlincote Air Cadets continue to ‘Fly High’ with another tremendous sporting victory, this time at the Midlands Cross Country Championships with an overall win against 28 other Squadrons from as far afield as Northampton, Kettering and the once mighty Derby Squadron

Running at the RAF Wittering course members of the South Derbyshire Squadron set a blistering pace leaving other Units trailing in their wake with a final result of an overall win for the 1211 teams.

Squadron Sports Officer, Civilian Instructor Nicole Sigston told us, “Our Cadets ran an excellent race and completely overshadowed the opposition. This win follows last year’s result at the South and East Midlands Swimming Championships where we also took the overall trophy.”

Squadron Commander Alyn Thompson added, “Our cadets at 1211 Squadron are currently on a sporting high, defeating everything that the other Squadrons throughout the Midlands can throw at us. It is particularly pleasing to defeat the 126 Squadron at Derby as they are an excellent Unit who excel at everything they do and so for us to beat them, shows just how good our sports teams are.”

Alyn added, “Our Cadets not only compete at sport which is just a small part of our training but also get chances to take part in activities which are just not available to anyone else in the South Derbyshire area. Where else can a young teenager take control of an aeroplane and do aerobatics with a Royal Air Force Pilot for free? Swadlincote Cadets gain training which is incredibly useful not only if they join the military but also in civilian life.”

Flt Lt Alyn Thompson
OC 1211 (Swadlincote) Squadron