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Air Show Visit for 1181 Sqn

Article posted: Jun 08, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May 2011, 1181 Syston Air Cadets got up early to make their way to Bruntingthorpe, Leicester, to watch the Cold War Jets day display.

The weather was very windy, but stayed dry, thankfully! We arrived to huge queues of traffic all because of 1 certain aircraft which had parked there overnight!

We therefore missed the first display by the buccaneers. None of the aircraft which are held at Bruntingthorpe are allowed to fly, BUT they are allowed to fast taxi up the runway, which still produces an awful lot of noise!
Members of the public are also allowed to wander around the aircraft and talk to the people who either fly them or repair and look after them.

Throughout the day there were some unexpected surprises! There were fly pasts from a jet Provost, 2 Navy Sea Kings and a Venom.
The noisiest taxi of the day, by a long long way, was from the Lightning. Everyone was warned how loud she is so all the Cadets and Staff took out their ear defenders. Good job too!
Unfortunately, because it was so windy the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight were unable to take off from RAF Coningsby to do a scheduled display.

The highlight of the day for many people, myself included, was the taking off for Robin Hood Airport of the Vulcan. The aircraft had been parked at Bruntingthorpe overnight, hence the reason for the large crowds!
1181 Cadets were asked to join in with Cadets from 198 (Hinckley), 1122(Marmion), 1F(City of Leicester) & 1947(Birstall) Squadrons to help keep people at a safe distance from the Vulcan as she was towed to the runway.

They then helped to keep the crowds at a safe distance from the runway to allow the Vulcan to start her journey to her new home!
A very tiring day, but all the Cadets enjoyed themselves. Cadet Lawson said “I felt very special leading the Vulcan out to the runway”.

By CI Diane Reeves
1181 Squadron