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An Early Morning Run...

Article posted: Mar 18, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

0800 hours. Sunday morning. Weather, freezing cold! 13 Cadets met in Syston to run the Inter-Squadron cross country competition at RAF Wittering.

The mood was a little subdued, (because of the cold conditions!). However, on arrival at RAF Wittering the mood soon lifted. BUT they still refused to leave the warmth of the bus until they absolutely had too!

The cadets did eventually consent to leave the relative warmth of the mini bus to “warm up” in readiness for the competition to begin. Eventually, Flt Lt Waplington started the first race! Off they went. They all put in a fantastic effort. However, 3 of the Cadets still had enough energy to do some football training! mmmm.

Once all the races had been completed, the Cadets changed into their Wedgewood blue uniforms in readiness for Final Parade. We all waited with baited breath! The cadets of 1181 Sqn finished 11th out of 29! Fantastic!

A much happier group of Cadets returned to Syston. 2 of them had also been selected for the Wing Football team! a very good day!

Congratulations and Thank you to all of the cadets who took part.

By CI Diane Reeves
1181 (Syston) Sqn ATC