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An Exchange of Ideas

Article posted: Mar 13, 2009 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Sunday 8th March, 35 cadets and 8 staff from 126 (City of Derby) Squadron, took a journey across the M42 to visit 492 Solihull Squadron. The visit was organised by Flt Lt Hemes, Officer Commanding 492 Squadron, following a visit that he made to Derby Squadron last year. The aim of the visit was to exchange ideas and build a relationship with a squadron in another part of the country.

When the cadets from Derby arrived at Solihull, they were given a welcome brief by Flt Lt Hemes. They were then split into groups to compete against the cadets from Solihull in a range of activities. The girls played a netball match and the boys played a football match. Both games were won by Derby squadron. A continuity drill competition followed. This was won by Solihull. Finally, the cadets changed into their greens for initiative exercises and a shooting competition.

Cdt Sgt Jade Ross from 126 Squadron said, β€œ492 is a smaller squadron than Derby. However, the facilities they have here are good. Everyone here has been really friendly and I have learnt some new things that I can take back to Derby.”

While the cadets competed in the various activities, the staff from the two squadrons exchanged ideas on training, squadron administration and recruitment. Three members of the civilian committee from Derby also travelled to Solihull. They spent some time discussing fundraising ideas.

At the end of the morning, the 126 Squadron Rifle Continuity Drill Display Team performed their latest routine. The cadets from 492 Squadron were very impressed and are now keen to set up a similar display team.

Before Derby Squadron left Solihull, Sqn Ldr Ian Marshall, Officer Commanding 126 Squadron said, _β€œit has been a fantastic experience to come to Solihull today and exchange ideas. Both squadrons have learnt a lot. I hope we can continue our relationship with Solihull squadron and meet again soon.” _