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Armed Forces Day Uniform to Work Day 2014

Article posted: Jun 28, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Squadron Leader Adrian Utting Wing Staff Officer with South & East Midlands Wing was given permission by his employers East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust to change from wearing his Green Paramedic Uniform to his Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch) Uniform to support uniform to work day to support Armed Forces Day on Wednesday 25th June.

This day highlights throughout the country how many reservist work in a variety of careers throughout the country and the many roles they do both in there civilian carer and there military carer

Sqn Ldr Utting is a Clinical Practice Tutor with East Midlands Ambulance Service and was teaching colleagues clinical updates at the Education and Development centre whilst dressed in his RAF Blue Uniform.

I was very supported by colleagues and as many other of my colleagues who serve in the reserves could not take part as they were all Patient facing, I hope I was also representing all there hard work

There are many serving reservist in the Ambulance service and the NHS as well as many veterans

Thank you to all who supported me and for allowing me to show the work of the RAF and HM Armed Forces and the work of the Cadet Forces