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ATC Sunday – A Message from the Wing Padre

Article posted: Jan 25, 2009 by sl6

ATC Sunday has always been the Sunday in February nearest to the date on which the ATC was founded. Holding an ATC Sunday parade is a great opportunity to “show off the ATC” – it is after all the only parade, most years, in which the ATC is the lead organisation. It is the Sunday in which cadets are asked to re-consider the promise they made at their enrolment; often to re-new that promise, but also to think about the values of the corps.

Strictly speaking ATC Sunday is February 8th this year. However, where this clashes with other events, some squadrons are parading on Sunday February 1st.

Is your squadron parading this year?

If so, please can Squadron’s let everybody in the Wing know via the Wing forum – go on don’t be bashful! (Please do not wait for your Padre to do this – most are not registered as users of this forum).

If you haven’t yet arranged a parade, why not try and do so – or contact the CO of another squadron and see if you can join them. It’s a wonderful opportunity to tell everybody about the ATC – so don’t forget the press (yes! more media competition points) as well as families and friends.

I will be preaching on Sunday February 1st at:

10.00 hrs at 2229 (Loughborough) Squadron’s parade

15.00 hrs at 1279 (Melton Mowbray) Squadron’s parade

For further information, please contact the me by e-mail on or via the Wing Contact Form using the drop-down menu and selecting Padre.

Rev’d Michael Asquith
Wing Padre