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Back to school for 1F

Article posted: Feb 09, 2011 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Over the past week, a small team from 1F (City of Leicester) Squadron headed out to Bushloe High School, Leicester, to speak to their students about the opportunities that the Air Training Corps can offer. Headed up by squadron recruitment I/C, Cadet Warrant Officer McGlynn, the team talked to staff, parents and pupils during the Year 9 girls and boys parents evenings.
During both nights that the team were at Bushloe, they manned the stand in the front entrance, speaking to people as they left the parents evening. Many leaflets and stickers were given out and a lot of interest was shown by not just the young people, but by many parents wishing they were young enough to join! When students weren’t about, the team spent the time explaining a bit more about the cadets to staff members who were keen to find out more. A video of an AEF flying session was available for people to view as well as copies of the Air Cadet magazine, photos and information leaflets.
Squadron training officer Pilot Officer D Shuttleworth RAFVR accompanied the team and commented “ Its really great to see the interest shown during such an evening. It did surprise me how many parent expressed a real interest in what we do, sometimes it appeared, even to the annoyance of their own children. It was also wonderful to see the Cadets answering the questions and exuberating confidence whilst flying the flag for the Corp’s”. Both nights were a great success and the squadron received lots of praise and thanks from the Head of Year 9, the Assistant Head teacher and even the Head teacher! The school were so impressed that they invited Cadet Warrant Officer McGlynn and his team back for the Year 8 parents evening in March. The Cadet Warrant Officer is determined not to stop there though – already two more schools have asked for the team to come in and join them at a parents evening, so just when the recruitment team thought they had a break, it’s back to school for all of them!

Photo: Pilot Officer D Shuttleworth RAF (VR) T Talking to interested Parents and Kids at the PR Stand

Daniel McGlynn
Staff Cadet Warrant Officer
1F (City of Leicester) Squadron