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Banner Drill Practice and Competition

Article posted: May 23, 2011 by Flt Lt Waplington

2011 marked the first opportunity for 348 squadron to enter the South and East Midlands banner drill competition.

With prior warning of the tough competition, the cadets of 348 squadron set out to practice their drill routine to perfection, but with just six weeks to go, the first couple of practises saw the squadron overcome a set of challenges.

Having never practised a full banner drill sequence, the cadets sought help from a Warrant Officer and other staff members of 1359 Beeston squadron, who agreed to help them with their drill. Yet while their sequence improved, the cadets soon realised that the small multi-storey car park they practised in would prevent them from completing a full routine.

The banner team sourced the old American Adventure car park for their practise, and agreed to travel down to use the ample space for their practise. The remaining few weeks allowed the cadets to practise their drill and perfect their sequence to the best of their ability.

On the day of the banner competition, the team arrived early to make sure that their uniforms were immaculate. They showed off all of their hard work and came away with valuable experience and knowledge on how to improve for next time.

Flt Lt Bateman
OC 348 Sqn