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Banner Party Banter at Newton Squadron

Article posted: Jun 04, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On the 17th of May, five Cadets from 1936 (Newton) Squadron headed down to RAF Wittering for South and East Midlands Wing’s annual Banner and Band Drill Competition. Although Newton didn’t have a band, they certainly had a Banner Party, which against stiff competition, didn’t gain last place.

The day started with the Cadets of Newton Squadron arriving at HQ for an earlier start of 7:40am. From there the bus travelled to RAF Wittering and preparations for our “performance” began. Once arriving at RAF Wittering, the team changed into Wedgewoods and began to do some last minute practise and perfecting of the routine before our slot at 10:40.

The routine went better than expected and all of the team put in best efforts. Some may say the weather and more specifically the wind got the better of us. – (image of banner wrapped around Cdt Bilous). A few mistakes were made but nothing too drastic, certainly nothing that can’t be improved for the Banner Competition in 2016. Look out South and East Midlands Wing!

Although it may have not been our best year, the Banner Party certainly enjoyed the experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has an affinity to march in a big square but also want the added challenge of holding an 8ft banner. Jokes aside, Banner Drill is definitely something I’d recommend, it’s more fun than you’d initially expect.

Cdt FS Connor Levers
1936 (Newton) Squadron