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Becky’s Golden Wings

Article posted: Oct 03, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Recently Cadet Sergeant Becky Moore from 858 (Rushden) Squadron has been awarded her gold wings from 616 Squadron based at RAF Henlow.

Sergeant Moore started at 616 Squadron in January this year undertaking her Gliding Scholarship. Becky had gained her Silver Wings (solo flight) in March she was offered a unique opportunity to return to 616 squadron and become a flight staff cadet.

Becky was over the moon to be offered the flight staff cadet position at the volunteer gliding school. However, she knew it would mean a lot of hard work and a lot of early mornings. This fact didn’t deter Sergeant Moore as she is well known at her squadron for being dedicated and hard working so it was well within her capabilities.

After completing her exams at school Becky returned to duty at 616 squadron. Sergeant Moore then conducted 4 more hours of training. After this she finally embarked on her 5 solo circuits to qualify her for her gold wings.

Becky said “It’s a great accomplishment and I am really proud of myself. It’s a fantastic opportunity being a staff cadet here at RAF Henlow and I’m looking forward to working towards my instructor qualification so I can start to take cadets on their gliding induction training flights. The air cadets have allowed me to realise my potential and help drive my ambition to fly a plane solo and hopefully one day become a pilot.”