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Article posted: Feb 13, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Friday 6th February 2015, 1359 (BEESTON) Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets played host to the Nottinghamshire Police Volunteer Cadets at a special attestation ceremony.

The event saw the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire, Mr Chris Eyre QPM, the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mr Paddy Tipping, and Chief Officer for Special Constabulary Mr Mark Stasuik attend the East Midlands Officer Training Centre to watch as Nottinghamshire’s newest cadets were formally attested into the police force.

Working with the police cadets for this unique ceremony were two ATC Warrant Officers, WO (ATC) Dan Haywood, Wing Warrant Officer for the South and East Midlands Wing, and WO (ATC) Rob Phillips, Squadron Warrant Officer for 1359 Sqn. Both Warrant Officers are serving police constables with the Nottinghamshire force and actively involved with ceremonial aspects, including the police cadets.

As qualified ATC Drill Instructor’s, WO Haywood and WO Phillips have been involved in preparing the police cadets for this special event in front of their families and friends. WO Haywood acted the role of Master of Ceremonies, planning the event and preparing the presentation that was given to the assembled audience. WO Phillips, ushered all the assembled police cadets to a separate room for briefing and refresher training, preparing the nervous cadets for their moment of pride.

With yet another member of the ACO, Civilian Instructor Mike Murray from 422 Corby Sqn providing a hair raising tune with bag pipes and leading the slow march through the drill hall to the front of the assembled crowd, many eyes were seen to be moist with tears, as the police cadets slow marched as the growl of WO Phillips kept the step.

During the presentation to the cadets, cadet volunteers from 1359 assisted police officers in parking duties, escorting VIP’s and provided refreshments inside the building. This was an ideal opportunity to observe a fellow cadet organisation, and work in partnership to further promote the youth foot print in the community.

The Chief Constable, Mr Eyre, spent 20 minutes after the event speaking to, and congratulating the Beeston Air Cadets for their valuable contribution to the evening, and was very impressed with their appearance, and interested in what the ATC did to promote activities and train its cadets. While speaking to Mr Eyre, Cadet Corporal Daniel Lawton (18) asked if the Chief Constable would pose with the air cadets for a ‘selfie’! Taking the invitation immediately, Mr Eyre was all smiles for perhaps the most informal photograph any chief officer of any police force had ever taken part in!

Cadet Corporal Lawton said “I felt that it was a good opportunity to see the police and learn about what they do. I have to say that we are better at drill than the police cadets though! The Chief was really friendly and open and happy to talk and listen to us, explaining some of the good work that Nott’s police have been doing in the community to keep people safe.”

A further Police Cadet Attestation ceremony will take place at Beeston Army Reserve Centre, with assistance from 1359 BEESTON squadron on Thursday 12 February.

WO Phillips said “As a serving local police officer and ATC Warrant Officer based at a perfect location, it seemed the natural choice to me that we hold the police cadet ceremony here. It is invaluable that we present our youth with the best opportunities, and both the police and the ATC are perfect examples of that. “

WO (ATC) R Phillips