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BEESTON flexes its muscles!

Article posted: May 20, 2016 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

On a beautiful Sunday 8th May, 1359 (Beeston) Squadron engaged in a gladiatorial like competition against 28 other squadrons of the South and East Midlands Wing at the Saffron Lane Athletics stadium in Leicester, for the annual Wing Athletics competition.
As in previous years, competition was joined with great excitement as eager cadets took their places at the start lines to the cheering of expectant crowds keen to see competitors race for glory around the track and upon the field, proud to represent the honour of their individual units.

While those athletes of the track raced and sweated for the finish line in their individual battles, team mates competed with equal vigour and determination on the field, coming to grips with javelin and mustering herculean effort in the shot putt.

Redoubtable Beeston cadet Bridget McDonagh was one such competitor who for the first time took part in the shot putt with some trepidation. Cadet McDonagh however fought well for BEESTON and obtained a more than respectable 3rd place in the Junior Women competition.

Keeping the BEESTON flag flying in the shot putt event, Cadet Lewis D’Arcy also raised a cheer as he too came third in the Youth Shot Putt and also the Long Jump after a sterling effort.

Meanwhile the results on the track were equally hard won as Cadet George Tomlinson raced through the stifling heat to take 3rd place in the 200 metres Youth competition against stiff competition.

Continuing the squadron effort Cadet Matthew Else remained with the race leaders of the Junior Men 800 m for a majority of his competition, earning the third place position.

Team mate and squadron sporting stalwart Cadet Laushaan Loganathan demonstrated his sporting ability by completing the rapid pace Junior Men 200m and 3 and 3 quarter length’s 1500 m in quick succession. With steely grit and determination Cadet Loganathan maintained the vanguard of the 1500 m throughout the hotly contested race and came 1st, raising a loud and proud cheer from his Fighting 1359th team mates! This worthy first place was followed by 3rdplace in the 200.

Completing the tally Sgt Ash Ellis raced to 4th place in the Junior Men 100m and subsequently gained a prized position in the wing team. Following in the footsteps of 1359 past, our cadets attended the competition and fought tenaciously to preserve the sporting heritage of BEESTON with pride and determination. Squadron Commander Flt Lt Phil Bannister said; “I am very proud of the effort put in by our cadets. By working hard and working together we can achieve anything we set for ourselves.”

WO (ATC) Rob Phillips