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BEESTON staff member and cadet NCO awarded

Article posted: Jan 20, 2017 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

1359 (BEESTON) Sqn Civilian Instructor Sarah Walley recently received her certificate of attendance after attending the Introduction to the Duke of Edinburgh Award course in December. All Air Cadet Organisation staff who supervise Air Training Corps Cadets in the acclaimed Duke of Edinburgh Award are required to attend the one day training course before assessing and instructing cadets.

C.I. Walley will now assume all squadron based responsibilities involving the award, from initial recruitment of cadets into the scheme to providing leadership and mentorship during the cadet participant’s adventure through the three award grades. By completing this course, C.I. Walley shall now progress to the D of E supervisor and assessor qualification.

In a joint celebration of achievement Cadet Corporal Jessica Page (16) was also presented with her coveted Instructor Cadet Lanyard and certificate, awarded after completing the Method of Instruction Course. The one day course is run by the Wing Cadet Development Team and empowers cadets to become both competent and confidant instructors amongst their peers and to raise the standards of classroom instruction provided to cadets.

1359 SWO and MCO