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BEESTON Warrant Officer attends Arms Drill course

Article posted: May 19, 2016 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

WO (ATC) Rob Phillips of 1359 (Beeston) Squadron has recently attended Royal Air Force College Cranwell to carry out the Arms Drill Instructor Course.

The course which ran from 10 – 15 April 2016 and took place at the Adult Training Facility was attended by 17 Senior Non Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers from across the United Kingdom all of whom where existing qualified Drill Instructors. A further attendee participating in the course was Warrant Officer Wincy Lee of the Ceremonial Squadron of the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps. WO Lee had travelled from the former British Colony at her own expense in order to carry out training at the ATF which has a long standing relationship with the HKACC, providing training to Hong Kong colleagues in the UK and Hong Kong itself.

The in depth course required students to carry out pre training and revision work several weeks before attending RAFC Cranwell before beginning training on the course itself. Due to the prominent nature of the RAF college expectations placed upon the student standards of drill, personal presentation and baring were high and rigorously enforced by the resident ATF training staff both of whom are long standing and highly experienced Royal Air Force Regiment SNCO’s. Late nights ironing and polishing kit soon became familiar!

Within two days WO Phillips was required to be familiar with rifle drill using the L98 A2 weapon and carry out an in depth drill lesson teaching the Recover Arms from the Slope Arms. This was immediately followed by sword drill training and a requirement to teach the Salute at the Halt with sword. Both lessons required much practice into the night to perfect both verbal instruction and practical instruction.

Upon passing the course WO Phillips said, “This was the first ATF course that I have attended since originally passing my Drill Instructors course in 2003 and certainly reinforced my opinion of the high calibre of ATF staff and the training that they provide to ACO staff.

Due to the nature of the course the days were long and the qualification hard won, but courses such as this only reinforce the professionalism of the Corps and the standards that we strive to present on behalf of the RAF in the public eye. I would absolutely recommend the Arms Drill Instructors Course to all existing drill instructors as a next step and natural progression in your personal training which will allow you to further facilitate the training needs of the cadets that we train”.