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Bronze Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition complete!

Article posted: Apr 14, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Six Long Eaton Air Cadets embarked on an expedition from the Drum Hill Scout campsite to the 1360 Stapleford Squadron on foot. Despite the pouring rain on morning of the expedition, the team managed to light a gas stove against the wind and boil water for breakfast, as well as pack away the soaked tents with little complaints.

Thankfully the weather warmed up throughout the day, improving morale with in the team. The Cadets enjoyed the route even if they did make a few adaptions, and learnt a lot about following a route. This is something they will use in their final expedition later in the year.

Cadet Jack Upton said “The route was quite a challenge, but we enjoyed it once the sun came out and we can’t wait for the final expedition in June”.

Cadets Beadle, McNamara, Newton, Scott, Scriven and Upton have now all completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition and will be working towards completing their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award this year.

Written by Cadet Scott
2195 ATC