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Bronze Final Expedition; done!

Article posted: Jun 09, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh final expedition was completed by 5 cadets from Long Eaton Air Cadets over the weekend.

Day 1 was the hardest day out of the two, Cadets were struggling not long in but showed a lot of determination and effort to completing the day. After lunch pulled themselves together and did the last leg as fast as they could to get the day over and done with.

Day 2 the Cadets pushed themselves to the maximum and completed the expedition safe and sound. Cadet Kira Beadle said “the weekend was great fun but showed us all that if we work as a team we can get it done faster, the weekend has really challenged us but by the end it’s brought us all closer together. We are all pleased with ourselves, it was a great success for us all”.

Written by Cadet K Beadle