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Busy Summer at Annual Camps for 1188 Coalville Sqn

Article posted: Oct 24, 2011 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

This summer has been very busy for cadets and staff from Coalville Squadron, twenty three cadets, all four officers, one Padre and a cadet bear have attended five different annual camps.

Eighteen cadets from Coalville Squadron along with Flying Officer Rod Dring, Civilian Instructor Ian Franklin and Cadet Jofli bear all went to camp at RAF Lossiemouth at the start of the summer. The original wing were not able to take their cadets. Flying Officer Dring said “ It was an excellent opportunity to take so many of the cadets on camp to learn about life in the RAF”

The cadets took part in lots of activities including command tasks and section visits. Everywhere the cadets went Cdt Jofli bear went too. He was even awarded the best bear on camp certificate. The visit to the 202 Sqn Search and Rescue was a real highlight.

Flight Lieutenant Clive Williams attended RAF Odiham. He assisted with rifle training for the cadets. Thirteen were trained in total. The camp also included two flights in a Chinnock helicopter. One flight was from a training area where the cadets had prepared the landing site. All the cadets agreed it was “the best night exercise ever!”

Flying Officer Rebekah Harrison attended RAF Valley, she attended at short notice as the camp was short of staff. She said “ it was good to be able to go to RAF Valley again on camp, I went there as a cadet. My flight won the inter-flight competition, which was excellent” The visit to Prince William’s squadron, the mountain rescue section, flight Simulator trips and the sand castle competition were enjoyed by the whole camp.

Flying Officer Alan Stevens, Rev Martin Joss and 5 cadets attended RAF Marham at the end of summer. All of the cadets flew and took part in the assault course. The best male cadet on camp was Cdt Nick Robinson from 1188 Sqn and the best female cadet was Cdt Sam Joss from 1188 Sqn.

The following week Flying Officer Rod Dring went to a different camp at RAF Marham to help run the camp. There were 36 cadets there in total from South and East Midlands Wing and they were all housed under canvas. Flying Officer Rod Dring was particularly interested in the visit to the tactical imagery wing, they were shown around by the commanding officer. Despite the wing’s classified work the cadets were able to see some of the incredible capabilities.

1188 (Coalville) Sqn has been attending annual camps for the last 70 years since it was founded. If you have any photos from the early years the squadron would like to here from you so they can be included in the squadron history book.