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Cadet 150, The Royal Review 2010.

Article posted: Jul 11, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Out of all the memories I will take from the years I have spent with the Air Cadets, marching down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace with the Red Arrows flying over head will be one I will always treasure.

This was the highlight of a year of celebrations for the 150th year of the cadet movement, in which all the cadet forces took part in a Royal Review with a parade down the Mall in London followed by a Royal garden party at Buckingham palace.

The parade was a huge success thanks to the rehearsals which took place on the Monday at RAF Northolt for the ATC. Here the cadets practised marching eight a breast, something not carried out on a regular basis or at all for many. After the march down the Mall, which could not have been timed any better with the Red Arrows flying over head just as all the ATC members had got onto the mall, the cadets were taken to wellington barracks to be arranged into mixed squads to be route liners in the garden party and put into place for the arrival of the His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwell to sound of the national anthem.

Cadets were then able to indulge in the tea, sandwiches and cakes that were on offer plus we were able to explore the grounds which are not usually open to the public. The sound of the national anthem brought the proceedings to a close which all in all made for a very enjoyable day which for those who attended I am sure will be a fond memory.

FS Kahla
08 July 2010