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Cadet from 2248 Rutland Sqn receives an award.

Article posted: Feb 19, 2008 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Group Captain Evans made his first visit to 2248 (Rutland) Sqn in his new role as Chief of Staff for Air Cadets. At the Sqn he presented a Commandant Air Cadets Commendation to Aircraftwomen Steph Lundy an ex cadet from the Sqn.

As a cadet Flt Sgt Steph was on a summer Camp at RAF Bolmer last year, when a cadet fell over and injured his leg on a spike sticking out of the ground .Whilst help was on its way Steph gave first aid to the cadet and kept the other cadets calm. The injured cadet was taken to hospital where he had 17 stitches. A couple of weeks later Steph joined the RAF, where she has just finished her initial training and is waiting to start her training as a police officer. Commanding Officer of 2248 Sqn Flt Lt Jackie Lawrence said “We were very proud of Steph in dealing with the situation promptly and efficiently. It’s good to know that the training we give to cadets is put to good use.”