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Cadet illness worry at Moorgreen Show

Article posted: Sep 07, 2010 by sl1

Cadets from 348 (ilkeston) Sqn ATC recently spent their 3rd year assisting the organisers of the Moorgreen Country Show

There was, however, concern from the organisers about the health of the cadets, when, any tasking for the cadets was sent over the radio, the usual reply was “they’re all over it like a rash” leading to a visit from the ambulance crews

The “no Problem” attitude of ther staff and cadets in attendence was tested when the message was recived “ can you build a full size Hurricane Mk1. replica?” The first part of this tasking was to get the vehicles onto the site through the mud ( we had a few drops of rain and many of the exhibitors displays were destroyed by the gales). This was achieved by the teamwork of Gary (the driver) Dave (co-ordinator) and Sgt Mark Bushell and CI Ivan Eyre (brute force and ignorance co-ordinators) whilst Notts Fire and rescue sercice looked on in shock

The monday saw the wings being attatched to the fuselage by the staff and cadets whilst the members of the public looked on approvingly.

On the Monday, the cadets raised £804.08 for Help for Heroes with Cadet Jack Briddon raising over £500 of that total (we didnt like to ask how he did that)

The organisers thanked all the cadets present saying “your help was invaluable and the level of profesionalism your Sqn showed whilst engaged with the task at hand was comendable”

Plans are already under way for 2011 with 348 Sqn being lined up for key roles already

Sgt (ATC) Mark Bushell – 348 (Ilkeston) Sqn ATC