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Cadet to corporal at 1360 Squadron

Article posted: Jun 06, 2013 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

Cadet to corporal at 1360 Squadron

After 3years of being in the cadets there has been one cadet that has shown her ability to be able to lead a group of cadets and show her confidence in taking on a Corporal Role.

Cadet Charlotte Lee (16) is a great cadet on the squadron she is always willing to turn up to events to give her helping hand. She is a sports star when it comes to competing in the South and East Midlands Wing junior girls hockey team, giving up weekends to travel down to RAF Cranwell to show off her hockey skills. She has also managed to reach regional level being picked to compete against different air cadet regions across the country such as Scotland, Ireland, Wales and west and London and south east.

On one cadet night on final parade our Squadron commander Flight Lieutenant Gareth Fowler was handing out exam rewards. Cadet Charlotte lee stood in her flight not knowing what she was about to be awarded the rank of corporal. When her name was called to come out and receive her new corporal stripes her face was a picture. She had no idea she was about to become a member of the NCO Team (Non-commissioned officer). We are very proud to have now corporal lee on our squadron. She will be a great asset to the team.

Well done Corporal Charlotte Lee, your rank has been well deserved.

Corporal Charlotte Lee said” I was so shocked when my name was called out to go and collect my corporal stripes I really wasn’t expecting it! I’m really excited now to begin my role of a corporal.”