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Cadets are backing Daredevil Helen

Article posted: Feb 13, 2013 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

Cadets are backing Daredevil Helen

Cadets from across South & East Midlands Wing turned up at a freezing RAF Cranwell on Tuesday 12th February to support Blue Peter’s Helen Skelton in her Flying Challenge with the Red Arrows.

Helen is attempting seven challenges, one of which is flying a training sortie with the Red Arrows. Not wishing to miss an opportunity to show off her cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty, Commandant Air Cadets, insisted that they be involved and that involvement was huge.

Squadrons from South & East Midlands Wing joined with other cadets from Trent Wing and several CCF (RAF) Sections to form an almost 400 strong sea of blue that carried out the requirements of the BBC Production Team in a disciplined and well drilled manner. To the cadets credit, they exceeded the expectation of the Blue Peter producer. So good were the cadets at entertaining themselves, the BBC forgot their ideas and filmed the cadets doing what, to them, comes naturally, having fun and teamwork.

Whilst some cadets formed an “Honour Guard” at the “Reds” flight line as Helen was taken to her aircraft, the bulk of the cadets were formed into the letters “RND” for Red Nose Day to be seen from the air as the Red Arrows (with Helen aboard) flew over the famous College Hall at Cranwell.

Cold but happy, the cadets left Cranwell looking forward to seeing the results of their labours on both Blue Peter and Red Nose Day.