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Cadets at 126 Squadron are Gliding High

Article posted: Nov 13, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Air Cadets from 126 (City of Derby) Squadron have achieved unprecedented results on their Gliding Scholarship courses, with four out of six cadets gaining gold Glider Wings.

As winners of the Morris Trophy for 2010, 126 Squadron was awarded six Gliding Scholarships. This meant that six cadets from the unit got the chance to spend a week at RAF Syerston learning how to fly the Vigilant glider.

The cadets showed great aptitude towards flying and quickly progressed through the course. At the end of the week, Cadet Paige Gedney and Flight Sergeant Jade Ross were awarded Silver Wings after flying the glider solo. Cadet Bethan Linscott, Corporals Dean Cotterill and Harry Hampson and Flight Sergeant Lee Kemp were assessed as above average and achieved their gold Glider Wings. They will now have the opportunity to return to the gliding school as Flight Staff Cadets.

Cadet Bethan Linscott gained her gold Glider Wings in record time, completing all the requirements within 4 days. She said, “This has been the best experience of my life. I am not yet old enough to learn to drive but I can fly a glider solo.”

126 Squadron has never experienced such a successful year for flying and gliding. In the last 12 months, one cadet has completed a Flying Scholarship and over 10 cadets have taken a Gliding Scholarship course. Squadron Leader Ian Marshall, Officer Commanding 126 Squadron, said, “I have been a squadron commander in the ATC for 30 years. I have never met such talented, natural pilots. These are the best gliding results the squadron has had in its 70 year history.”