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Cadets Gain Foundation Amateur Radio Licence's

Article posted: Apr 05, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Utting

16 Cadets from South & East Midlands Wing came to RAF Wittering to study for there Foundation Amateur radio exams,over the weekend of the 27th -29th March.

The cadets came from 422 Corby,1084 Market Harborough,1101 Kettering, 1461 Wigston ,1936 Newton & 2502 Hamilton Sqns

The cadets learnt about radio theory

The cadets learnt how to receive and send Morse Code

The cadets also had to transmit and receive on HF radio speaking to other Amateurs radio stations in the UK and Europe and learn to tune the radio to the aerial.

Once the cadets had been assessed on the practicals they then had to sit and exam that I am pleased to say they all passed. This now allows them to apply to OFCOM for a foundation Amateur Radio Licence. Once the cadets obtain there own Personal callsign one of the radio training team will take some equipment to there sqn for them to practice operating on the Air.

Cadets who attended the course with Flt Lt Bateman and CI Noel Rogers (Sqn Ldr Utting took the Photo) they are themselves licensed Radio Amateurs