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Cadets to Receive Business Training

Article posted: Apr 22, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Kettering Air Cadets have recently received a donation of free mentoring and training worth £3,000 for their Cadet Non Commissioned Officers. This rare opportunity has been donated by a consulting and mentoring company ‘Business Leaders’ who are based in Northampton. They have kindly offered to provide the Cadet NCO team with group and individual training based around preparation for business life.

Some of the activities they have offered include confidential forums, action planning to address major issues they may experience, follow up sessions, development of their own leadership skills plus sessions on neurologistics, coaching or mentoring. In addition to this, the cadets will have the opportunity to attend sessions regarding man management strategies.

The business group is also offering confidential issues sessions for staff.

The first Leaders Group was formed in 2006. The format is based on a tried and tested formula which has been running successfully elsewhere in the Midlands for more than nine years. The groups attract members and maintain their interest by giving extremely good value membership.

Membership is open to business owners and directors from all industry sectors, private and public, as well as partners from professional practices. It offers an opportunity to meet regularly to develop leadership skills and support one another with individual key issues and challenges. Discussing problems in a peer group coaching format gives members a unique opportunity to grow their business and make better decisions. The meetings allow members to work on their business, not in it, with a dedicated group of peers whose only agenda is to help and support each other in a secure and confidential environment.