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CDT Appointments

Article posted: Aug 22, 2008 by sl6

Due to changes in the Directing Staff of the Cadet Development Team, there have been a number of new appointments and additional staff joining the respective CDT training teams.

Plt Off Jack Stepanian (OiC 2195 Sqn) has been appointed as the new NCO Leadership Director.

Over the last year, Plt Off Stepanian has been a member of the CDT as one of the Directing Staff for the Advanced NCO Courses. Plt Off Stepanian takes over the role from Flt Lt Ian Rose who moves to join the Wing Adventure Training Team.

In addition, Sqn Ldr Mark Richards has taken over responsibility as the Advanced NCO Course Director, taking over the role on an interim basis from Flt Lt Liz Kerr who is emigrating to Australia.

Plt Off Jack Stepanian Sgt Sarah Middleton Sgt Nick Harrison

Sgt Sarah Middleton (209 Sqn) also joins the Directing staff for the BASIC Training Course, this is in addition to her role as a member of the Initial NCO Course Directing Staff.

Also, a new member of staff has joined the CDT, Sgt Nick Harrison (2071 Sqn) joins the CDT as a member of the Directing Staff on the Initial NCO Courses.