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Cdt Harrison, 2418 (Sherwood) Sqn, live fires the L98A1

Article posted: Mar 10, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On the 12th of February, me and 8 other cadets travelled from our squadron to RAF Wittering to shoot the L98A2, This weapon was completely new to me as I was used to shooting the No. 8 .22 rifle, the difference being is that the .22 is a single shot bolt action rifle, and the L98A2 is a semi-automatic rifle that can carry up to 30 rounds.

On arrival we collected the weapons and ammunition from the armoury and proceeded to the troop shelter next to the range, after stripping down, cleaning and then reassembling the rifles we then began to shoot.

It took a while for me to shoot as the people I was shooting with had to complete their WHT (Weapons Handling Test), after that was done we went on to the range to shoot the weapon, in my opinion I think the L98A2 is much better than the .22 because it has more power, is more balanced and doesn’t make your left arm ache while you are firing it.

After shooting the L98A2 we had to strip down and thoroughly clean the weapon, this included cleaning out all the carbon that had accumulated on the gas parts, barrel and trigger mechanism. Although I didn’t gain any new marksman qualifications I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I can’t wait to go shooting again.

Cadet Harrison
2418 (Sherwood) Sqn