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Changes to Cadet Terms of Service

Article posted: Jan 03, 2008 by sl6

At the December 2007 Air Cadet Management Board (ACMB), proposed changes to the cadets’ terms of service were approved and these changes have now become policy and are to be implemented with immediate effect.

A copy of the revised terms of service has been e-mailed to all Squadron Commanders and will also be sent to Squadrons via the Wing mail.

The new policy clearly defines criteria that cadets must meet to allow service beyond the age of 18 and in addition, there are new rules surrounding the promotion of cadets, the main gist being that Squadron Commanders can continue to promote cadets up to the rank of Cadet Sergeant provided the tenure and classification aspects have been met, however the authority to reduce the classification by one stage will now require WSO approval. Promotion to Cadet Flight Sergeant will now require Wing Staff approval, following the Squadron Commanders nomination.

Furthermore, to continue their service beyond the age of 18, potential Instructor Cadets are to have completed their BASIC training before they reach 18 years of age (as previously communicated to Squadron Commanders) and will have to apply through their Squadron Commander for an extension of service to their 20th birthday. An application form is available via the following link: Application for Extension of Cadet Service 18+
file: Changes to Cadet Terms of Service - Annex C.pdf | downloaded: 492 times.

This form is to be completed by the Squadron Commander and submitted to the relevant Wing Staff Officer who is to recommend to the Wing Commander whether or not an extension of service as an Instructor Cadet should be granted. The Wing Commander will review the application and approve the appointment as an Instructor Cadet, as appropriate.