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City of Leicester Cadets Radiate Success

Article posted: Feb 09, 2011 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

18 Cadets from 1F City of Leicester Squadron recently undertook a training session and then went on to sit and pass the Provisional VHF Radio operators licence.

The 18 Cadets all attended an evening of instruction presented by Cadet Warrant Officer Daniel Mc Glynn. This session which covered subjects such as, The Phonetic Alphabet, Prowords, Radio Frequencies and the safe use and handling of Radios and Batteries. During the lectures all the Cadets were treated to a number of presentations some serious and others not so, which all highlighted the importance of good communications within an organisation. A Firm favourite with the cadets was the Two Ronnie’s Sketch “Fork Handles” which highlighted the negative effects of bad communications.

The Cadets were then tasked with completing the Provisional VHF Licence test paper. This test paper is a Multi Choice question paper which covers all areas of Air Cadet Radio operation. The cadets completed this in good time and then went on to have a hand’s on look at the Radio equipment held by the Squadron. The papers were duly marked and then sent off to the Wing for verification. The Great news came when it was revealed that 18 Cadets were successful and passed the test.

Cadet Warrant Officer Daniel Mc Glynn commented that “It was great to see so many pass the test and also the average pass marks where some of the highest I have seen” He went on to say that the next plan was to take the same Cadets through the Full VHF Licence syllabus. Watch this space !

Pilot Officer D Shuttleworth RAF (VR) T
1F (City of Leicester) Media Comm’s Officer.