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Classification Boom! At 1101 Kettering

Article posted: Mar 18, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Utting

On the 14th of March we had 7 cadets pass their exams and earn even more classification giving 1101 a really large verity of classifications. We had 1st class cadets to senior cadets, 2 first class cadets, 3 leading cadets and finally 1 senior cadet. These cadets being: Cadet Mc George Master Cadet
• Cadet Sanders- Senior
• Cadet Barker-Smith- Leading
• Cadets Clark- Leading
• Cadet Norsworthy- Leading
• Cadet Campbell- First Class
• Cadet Matthews- First Class
The CO and all the staff are proud of each cadet as they have tried very hard to earn them their classifications. The cadets are also extremely proud and look forward to earning even more classifications and eventually earning their Masters soon.

Cadet Barker-Smith: I’m happy to receive my leading badge and look forward to making my way through the classifications