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Climbing Up the Classifications

Article posted: Sep 11, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Hard work. Perseverance. Success.

On 8th September, a total of six cadets received classification awards.

Two first class awards were given to Cadets Mia Pickford and Joan Fowodu, one leading award to Cadet Corporal Lani Diggle and two senior awards to Cadet Corporals Catherine McHale and Ethan Bates.

As well as all the classification awards, a Method of Instruction lanyard was given to Cadet Flight Sergeant Charlie Wilson for attending a training day and teaching an assessed lesson. This makes him qualified to teach all classifications.

Classifications allow cadets to take qualifications such as the Method of Instruction Course, as well as Junior Leaders and Qualified Aerospace Instructor Course, as well as learn more about the corps.

Corporal Bates said “I am so proud to receive senior cadet! All I have to do now is pass master and then I can do method of instruction!”

Written by Cadet Lucy Scott
2195 (Long Eaton) ATC