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Come Fly with me

Article posted: Jun 22, 2011 by Flt Lt Waplington

On the 11 June 2011, 10 cadets from 504 (West Nottingham) Sqn went to RAF Cranwell to fly the Grob Tutor accompanied by 2418 (Sherwood) Sqn.

We meet at the Sqn at 10am on the Saturday morning, where everyone was looking forward to the day’s flying ahead; the coach journey to RAF Cranwell was filled with laughter, conversation and first time flier’s anxious questions about the experience. Around an hour or so after departure we arrived at RAF Cranwell and went to the holding room where we were greeted by the AEF staff and shown a safety video.

After the safety video CI Hendy-Ibbs and 2418’s two staff members went to help run the day leaving the cadets to eat lunch and commence the popular argument of weather to watch Austin Powers or Top Gun, (CI Hendy-Ibss our own Dr Evil begged not Top Gun AGAIN!!!) So Austin Powers won.

While we entertained ourselves with the antics of Dr Evil the first time fliers were kitted up and went to fly, cadets were then called up in 4’s throughout the day. Most cadets got to experience the thrill of aerobatics and the journey home was full of loop-the-loop and barrel roll descriptions.

It was a long day and everyone was tired, however when CI Hendy-Ibbs asked if everyone had had a good time there was a resounding “yes Sir”.

By Cdt Gribbons
504 Sqn